How to participate & be a guest student:


What is a guest study?


Guest studies are no regular studies! You are not matriculated at the university and will not get a degree in the end, but you will be able to visit many lectures, seminars and courses which are offered by the university.


The guest studies with “Uni für alle” are based on a Buddy-program, where every participant gets a “Buddy”, a regular, matriculated student of the university. We see the program as a first step for those who are interested in regular studies, but also for people who are interested in getting to know the university.


What does the “Uni für alle” program hold for me?


With your Buddy you will have a direct contact person and mentoring partner which helps you with choosing your lectures and courses and who shows you around on the campus. During the semester we’ll have group meetings and group activities.


With your guest student status in general you get free access to the library and the “Language Learn Center” (SLI). With your “Uni für Alle”-membership you will also get free entrance to the events of the “International Club” and to the university´s movies club (aka). 


What do I need for participation?


  • No certificates required
  • No specific language level required (A2/B1 is advisable)
  • No selection procedure

It´s important to know that there will be no degree (like a Bachelor or Master) at the end of the studies!


>> In order to learn more about our program, come to our information evening on 17.10.2018 at 7 pm in Room 1108 at the University (KGI).<<



Registration form for our Buddyprogram

Registration form for Refugees
Fill out the form and send it to our mail address, if you plan to go to university in Germany and want to participate in our buddyprogram.
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